"It turned my life around overnight." - Safa Anwar, patient (and wife of a physician)

Physicians & their families come to Dr. Nussbaum
for treatment and surgical intervention.

Dr. Nussbaum is not only a Nation Wide leader in Minimally Invasive Surgery he also has taught Neuro and Orthopedic surgeons on different techniques for these procedures in cadaver labs and didactic sessions. Dr. Nussbaum has been the Keynote speaker and presenter for more than 10 different training courses for MIS spine surgery in the last 2 years for the Los Angeles basin area and other geographic areas across the nation. Dr. Nussbaum is part of the Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Spine as this society is a very prestigious honor that only the Nations top Spine Surgeons are privileged to be invited into.

He helps companies succeed...

Dr. Nussbaum has also helped 2 National Spine companies with the development of their MIS techniques and delivery systems throughout the recent years. His leadership in the operating room and his product development of MIS surgery has given surgeons across the country newer, better, and faster ways to help their patients every day.

Teaching methods, etc...